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    I would say after being back at work, and having two drunken nights out with my pals, I am officially back in the swing of Glasgow life. I have realised, rather depressingly, that Glasgow drinks, are more suited to my drinking abilities. I have managed to go out twice within 4 days, drinking cocktails both times, and actually still feel human the next day. NYC drinks knock you after a few sips and ensure you achieve nothing the next day, the hangover is that unbearable! However, drinking on Bath St, is most definitely not the same as a rooftop overlooking gorgeous NYC!

    With my week off I also got into baking - yay! And I am determined to keep it up and learn a few new recipes - please pass on any different ones and I will tell you how I get on! This week I have made pancakes, cupcakes and rocky road (starting simple). I started this because I really want to open a cafe/cake shop (not really related to my journalism degree lol), and I think the more stuff I know how to make, the better chance I have of being able to work in a cute eatery and get experience, to then one day open my own cake haven! I am actually looking forward to Uni tomorrow just so I can give away the cakes I made today - happy days! 

    — 2 years ago
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